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The Jordan surname has numerous origins. It is French, German, Polish and Slovenian. The Hebrew name of 'Yarden” refers to one going down to the Dead Sea. The surname of Jordan came the River Jordan.

The Italian form is Giordano, the Dutch form is spelled Jordaan, the Irish form is Iordáin and the Romanian of Jordan is Gordan.

Additional spellings for Jordan include , Jordán, Giordano, Iordan and Iordáin.

The Jordan surname in England is scattered in moderate numbers across the country. The highest of the those with the Jordan name are in London and the surrounding counties of Kent, Essex and Sussex. Only in the Lanarkshire county in Scotland are where most individuals with the Jordan surname reside.

The states of Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Alabama, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania have the greatest numbers of residents with the Jordan surname within the United States.

Famous: Barbara Jordan (early female politician), Ronny Jordan (English musician), DeAndre Jordan (professional basketball player), Lino Jordan (Italian mountain skier), Orlando Jordan (professional wrestler), Neil Jordan (film maker) and Marie E. Jordan (19th century French mathematician).

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