Kennedy Family Name


An Irish and Scottish surname the Kennedy family name is from the Gaelic term of Ó Ceannéidigh which meant descendant of éidigh. It comes from 'ceann' meaning and 'éidigh‘ which means ugly or grim-headed. The Kennedy families date back to 900 AD in Ireland. Centuries later a branch of Kennedy families moved to Scotland.

Spelling variations for Kennedy include O’Kennedy, Kenardy, Kannady, MacKennedy, Kennaday, Kenneday, Kennediem and Kennedie.

In Ireland Kennedy is a very popular and common surname. In the 19th century many moved to other locations including Canada, Australia and the United States.

Scotland have a few regions with the Kennedy surname, mostly in Lanarkshire.
England’s population of Kennedys are mostly in the northern region, especially in Lancashire, Durham, Northumberland and Yorkshire.

Within the United States, Kennedy families live mostly in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Famous: John F. Kennedy (U. S. President), Bob Kennedy (professional baseball player and manager), George Kennedy (actor), James Kennedy (15th century Bishop of St. Andrews), Lucy N. Kennedy (artist of Australia), Nick Kennedy (rugby player), Ted Kennedy (ice hockey player of Canada) and Claudia Kennedy (first U. A. Army female lieutenant general).

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