Mack Family Name


A Scottish and Irish surname the Mack family name is from the Old Norse term of ‘makkr’ which was part of a given name of Magnus. The German, Dutch and French forms would be Macco and Makko.

Spelling variations for Mack include Mak, Make and Makke.

In Scotland Mack families live mostly in Midlothian, Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire. In England the Mack name is in Lancashire, Northumberland, Durham, Yorkshire, Berwickshire, Lincolnshire, London and Hampshire.

In the northeast portion of the United States the Mack name is very populated. It is in the states of New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Other locations include South Carolina, Texas, Florida and Alabama.

Famous: Connie Mack (professional baseball player and team owner of Philadelphia Athletics), Willard Mack (actor, playwright and director), Ted Mack (TV and radio host), Sam Mack (professional basketball player), John Edward Mack (researcher and writer on alien abduction experiences), David Alan Mack (science fiction writer including Star Trek novels) and Helen Mack (theater and film actress, writer and director).

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