Maldonado Family Name


A Spanish surname, Maldonado comes from the term ‘mal donado’ which means ill-favored or not very smart. The surname in Spain first appeared in the Castile area.

Spelling variations include de Maldonado, Maledonado, Maldolado and de Maledonado.

In England there is a large number of those with the Maldonado surname in Northumberland county. The county of Midlothian in Scotland has a population of Maldonado families.

The Maldonado surname is in Spain and several of the countries which were once part of New Spain. These include Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.
In Texas, New Mexico, California and Arizona within the United States have the higher percentage of people with the Maldonado surname.

Famous: Carlos Maldonado (soccer player from Venezuela), Estuardo Maldonado (sculptor from Ecuador), Horacio Maldonado (poet from Uruguay), Diego Maldonado (Spanish explorer to Chile in 1546), Candido ‘Candy’ Maldonado (professional baseball player), Claudio Maldonado (music composer from Argentina), Angel Maldonado (soccer player from Mexico).

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