Malone Family Name


An Irish surname the Malone family name comes from the Gaelic word ’mael eoin’ which means a servant or disciple of Saint John. The original Irish spelling was O Maoileoin.

Spelling variations for Malone include Muldoon, Mallonee, Mallone, O’Malone and Maloon.

The Malone family name started in the province of Connacht and is very popular in County Clare in Ireland.

In England the Malone name is mostly in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Durham and Cheshire counties. In Scotland Malone families live primarily in Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, Midlothian and Wigtownshire.
The states of New York, Ohio, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, Virginia, Kentucky, California, Michigan and Mississippi in the United States have higher populations with the Malone name.

Famous: Fergy Malone (professional baseball player and manager in the 1860s to 1880s), Michael S. Malone (writer and editor of Forbes magazine), William Malone (movie film director), Ryan Malone (professional ice hockey player), Tina Malone (English actress), Carole Malone (journalist in England) and Jena Malone (actress).

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