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A French and German surname of Mathis comes from the ancient Hebrew term ‘Matityahu’ which means gift of God. It is also a form of the given name Matthew. Various spellings for Mathis include Matieux, Mathioue, Matieu, Mathius, Matieues, Mathieues, Mathieu and Mathieux. In France the surname originated in the Burgundy region. In England most with the Mathis surname live in the southern coastal counties of Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. Also in Southern Wales are several Mathis families. In the United States the states of Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, Illinois, New Jersey and Tennessee have higher populations with the Mathis surname. Famous: Edith Mathis (singer from Switzerland), Johnny Mathis (singer), Buster Mathis (professional heavyweight boxer), Samantha Mathis (actress), Terance Mathis (professional football player) and Jeff Mathis (professional baseball player).

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