McCarthy Family Name


An Irish surname of McCarthy means son of the loving one. It is a very common surname in Ireland. An early name for McCarthy was Carthaigh and Muireadhach, which was son of Carthaigh.

Spelling variations include MacCarthy, MacCarthaigh, Carthy, Carty, MacArthy, MacCarty and MacArty.

In Ireland, approximately 60 percent of those with the McCarthy surname live in County Cork, where the McCarthy families first started.

In England the McCarthy families are in London, Lancashire and in Wales in Glamorgan county.

McCarthy families are mostly in Massachusetts, New York, Illinois and California within the United States.

Famous: Andrew McCarthy (actor), Brandon McCarthy (professional baseball player), Thomas McCarthy (fashion designer and stylist), Steve McCarthy (hockey player from Canada), Tommy McCarthy (19th century baseball player), Patrick McCarthy (footballer from Ireland) and Michael McCarthy (music record producer).

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