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The surname of McCoy is a Scottish and Irish name. It comes from Magee which was an Irish Gaelic word. The form was Aoidh or Mac Aodha, meaning "son of Aodh.” This name, Aodh, refers to ‘fire’, originally the name of a pagan god.

Aoidh and Mac Aoigh in the English version becomes Hugh and McHugh. The Scottish form is MacKay. Other spellings include McKoy, McKey, McKee, McKay, McCay, McGee and McKie.

It is not a common surname in England. The main county with the most of the McCoy surname is Hampshire and some in Lancashire counties.

In Ireland in Limerick and Cork counties have the highest numbers of the surname. The only location in Scotland is Lanarkshire.

The place of origin is mainly Ireland and then some from England.

The states with the most individuals named McCoy are , Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Illinois.

Most with the McCoy surname in the 1880s were farmers.

Famous: Gerald McCoy (professional football player), Al McCoy (middleweight champion boxer), Joseph McCoy (19th century cattle baron who gave inspiration for the phrase "The Real McCoy" due to his reputation and reliability in delivering cattle), Horace McCoy (writer), Papa Charles McCoy (American musician), Sullivan McCoy (creator of McCoy’s Crisps potato chips), Elijah McCoy (19th century inventor of automatic machinery lubricator and lawn sprinkler), William McCoy (19th century - the other half of the Hatfield and McCoy feud from 1878 - 1897 in West Virginia and Kentucky) and Tim McCoy (actor).

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