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A Scottish and Irish surname, the McDaniel name first came from the western coast of Scotland. The main form of the name is Donald. There is also the Irish form of McDonnell which means son of Donal.

Spelling variations for McDaniel include MacDanell, MacDaniel and MacDaniell.

In Argyleshire was where many of the early McDaniel families lived. Scottish regions with many McDaniels families include Lanarkshire, Aberdeenshire, Stirlingshire, Dumfries-shire and Angus counties.
The Scottish McDaniels came starting in the 18th century to resettle in Canada, around Nova Scotia. They also came to the southern states like Virginia in the United States.

In England the city of London has the higher populations of McDaniel families. Next higher is in Yorkshire. In Wales many McDaniels live in Monmouthshire.

Within the United States the McDaniel surname is in the mid-west and southern states. The larger numbers of McDaniels live in Okalahoma, Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri and Texas.

Famous: Wahoo McDaniel (professional wrestler), Randall McDaniel (professional football player), Lundall ‘Lindy’ McDaniel (professional baseball player), David McDaniel (science fiction writer), Hattie McDaniel (actress), Barry McDaniel (opera singer), James McDaniel (actor) and Scott McDaniel (artist of comics).

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