McFadden Family Name


A Scottish and Irish surname, the McFadden name comes from Gaelic term ‘phaidin’ which means little Patrick and the ‘mc’ meant the son of. The spelling variations for McFadden include Faden, Fadin, Fadwyn, McFadwyn, McFadyon, Fadden, Fadyen and MacFadden. In England the McFadden families primarily live in Lancashire, Northumberland, Durham, Hampshire, Kent, Middlesex and Lincolnshire counties. In Scotland most McFadden families live in the southern region. The county of Lanarkshire has the greater population. Within the United States the early McFadden families lived in Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, Ohio, South Carolina and Illinois. Famous: Robert “Bob” McFadden (actor for voiceover with animated cartoons), Cyra McFadden (novelist), Gene McFadden (singer and songwriter), Tom McFadden (actor), Jim McFadden (professional Ice hockey player from Northern Ireland), Mary Josephine McFadden (fashion designer), Joseph McFadden (actor from Scotland), Darren McFadden (professional football player), Eric Byron McFadden (musician - guitar and songwriter), Brian McFadden (singer from Ireland) and Claron McFadden (opera singer).

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