McGee Family Name


A Scottish and Irish surname the McGee family name comes from the Gaelic name of ‘MacAodha’ which means the son of Aodhi. The name Aodhi meant hugh. One of the early forms in the 13th century was M'Ghie in Scotland.

Spelling variations for McGee include MacGhie, McGhee, Magee, MacGhee and MacGee.

McGee families in England are mostly concentrated in the northern region, centered in Durham, Lancashire and Cheshire counties. The Scottish counties of Midlothian, Ayrshire and Lanarkshire have the higher numbers of McGee families. The McGee surname is also popular in Ireland, in the top one hundred surnames there.

Across the eastern half of the United States the McGee surname is very common. The states with the higher numbers include Oklahoma, Georgia, Louisiana, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, Mississippi and Missouri.

Famous: Frank McGee (TV journalist), Francis McGee (ice hockey player), Pamela McGee (professional female basket player), Sam and Kirk McGee (country music duo), James McGee (English novelist), Chick McGee (radio personality) and Harold McGee (author of the science of food and cooking – cookbook).

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