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An English, Italian, French, Scottish and German surname of Miller which refers to a  person who owned or worked in a grain mill. In the Gaelic words of ‘meillear’ it means having large lips; in the word ‘malair’ it means merchant; and in the spelling of ‘maillor’ it refers to a male with armor, a soldier.

Various spellings from the numerous languages for Miller include Mueller, Mahler, Millar, Molenaar, Mills, Moeller, and Mullar. In Italian the surname is spelled Molinaro and in Spanish it is Molinero.

The surname of Miller is most common in England, Scotland, United States, Germany, Spain and Italy. In the United States the name is seventh most common surname in the country.

Famous: Arthur Miller (author and playwright), Aaron Miller (professional hockey player in the United States), Matt Miller (professional baseball player), Charles Miller (inventor), Frank Miller (professional baseball player), Alice Miller (professional golfer) and Judith Miller (journalist).

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