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An Irish, Welsh, Scottish and English surname, Morris refers to someone or something as dark and swarthy. Originally from the Latin form of the name Mauritius, then to Old French the name Maurice. The ancient Irish name O'Muirgheasa is a form of Morris.

Morris can be spelled the following ways Morse, Morriss, Morissh and Morce. In Germany it is written Moritz and in Ireland the more common version is Morrissey.

In the United Kingdom the Morris surname is mostly in Wales and the English county of Herefordshire. A popular surname of Morris is also in Australia and Canada.

Within the United States there are Morris families in Georgia, Texas, California, Missouri, Virginia, Ohio and Illinois.

Famous: Robert Morris (18th century involved with the American Revolution), Dick Morris (author and commentator), Edward Morris (Prime Minster of Newfoundland in early 1900s), John Morris (historian), Garrett Morris (actor), Jack Morris professional baseball player), Lewis Morris (18th century signer of the U. S. Declaration of Independence) and Mercury Morris (professional football player).

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