Morrow Family Name


An English and Irish surname of Morrow comes from the Gaelic term ‘mor-raw’ and ‘moor-row’ which meant in Middle English a lost place or village. It can also refer to the day after or following day. The other ways to spell Morrow include Marrow, Morrowe, Marrowe, MoewU, Moreaux and Moro. In England the northern region has many with the Morrow name, including Northumberland, Durham, Yorkshire and Lancashire. In Scotland the Morrow surname is found primarily in Lanarkshire, Ayrshire and Renfrewshire. Within the United States, Morrow families are mainly from Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, California, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia. Famous: Anna Spencer Morrow (wife of Charles Lindbergh and a pioneer female aviator), Geoff Morrow (songwriter), Jeff Morrow (movie actor), Marlene Morrow (fashion model), Rob Morrow (television actor), W. C. Morrow (writer), William Morrow (book publisher), Vic Morrow (television actor) and Lavell Morrow (football player).

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