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A Walsh and English surname, Morse is a from of Morris. The Latin form was ‘mauritius’ which referred to a dark covered facial appearance. The spelling variations for Morse include Moritz, Mors and Mawse. In England the Morse family name is across most of England and Wales. It started in the Gloucestershire region. The counties with the greater numbers of Morse in recent decades include Somerset, Essex, Wiltshire, Glamorgan and Pembrokeshire. Just a few scattered locations for those with the Morse surname in Scotland include Wigtownshire, Midlothian and Banffshire. Within the United States the Morse surname originated in Massachusetts, New York, Maine, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and California. Famous: Charles Copeland Morse (18th century co-founder of the Ferry-Morse Seed Co.), Ella Mae Morse (singer), Ephraim W. Morse (19th century settler, developer and promoter of San Diego, California), John Morse (professional golfer), Samuel F. Morse (inventor of the Morse Code System), Theodore F. Morse (music composer), Jedidiah Morse (a geographer and known as the father of American geography), Robert Morse (actor) and Toby Morse (singer).

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