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An English, Scottish and Irish surname, Mullen comes from the Gaelic terms of ‘meall’ which means something pleasant or pleasing and ‘maol’ which means bald, no hair. There is the Middle English term ‘mullelane’ which meant a person who worked a mill. The spelling variations for Mullen include Mullan, Mullin, Moylan, Mullins, O’Mullin, McMullen and O’Mullen. In Ireland the Mullen (also with Mullan and Mullin spellings) families originated in the province of Connacht. Other locations for the Mullen families was County Cork, County Clare and the Limerick, Tyrone and Ulster regions. In the mid-1800s, many from Ireland moved to Australia, Canada and the United States to live. In England the Mullen surname is across most of the country and into Wales. The greater population numbers of the Mullen surname are in Durham, Northumberland, Yorkshire and Lancashire. In Scotland the Mullen surname is scattered across the country. Most Mullen families live in Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire and Dunbartonshire counties. Within the United States the Mullen family name originated in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Famous: Harryette Mullen (short story writer and poet), Brian Patrick Mullen (professional ice hockey player), Jim Mullen (musician - guitar from Scotland), Maire Mullen (theater actress), Sheila Mullen (model), Kathy Mullen (actress and puppeteer with The Muppet Show), Jimmy Mullen (professional football player), Stacie Mullen (founder of Nutri-systems Diet program), Samuel Mullen (began an up-scale library in Melbourne, Australia in 1859) and James T. Mullen (first Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus organization).

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