Navarro Family Name


A Spanish and Italian surname, the Navarro family name refers to someone from the area of Navarre in the Basque region. In Italy the Navarro surname originated in the Bologna region.

Spelling variations for Navarro include Navarrini, Maurovi, Maurizzi, Mavica, Maurici and Murigia.

In England the Navarro family name appears mostly in the Lancashire region.
Within the United States the Navarro families lived mostly in Texas, Arizona, California and New York.

The Navarro surname is largely in Spain and many of the Latin American countries such as Cuba, Mexico, Panama and Peru. In Italy the Navarro family name is in the northern region, especially in Bologna.

Famous: Juan Carlos Navarro (professional basketball player from Spain), Rafael Sanchez Navarro (actor from Mexico), Chucho Navarro (singer), Carla Suarez Navarro (professional tennis player of Spain), Mireya Navarro (journalist with The New York Times), Angel Navarro (18th century settler of San Antonio, Texas from Mexico), Fats Navarro (trumpet player of jazz music), Franco Navarro (footballer of Peru) and Juan Carlos Navarro (Mayor of Panama City, Panama).

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