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Neal Family Name


An Irish surname, the Neal family name came from the Gaelic language in the name ‘niall’ which means champion. The Irish spelling many times will be O’Neill.

Spelling variations for Neal include O’Neil, O’Niel, O’Nail, Niell, Neales, Niel, Neale and Neil.

In Ireland the Neal surname is popular and located in County Clare and County Tyrone.
In the early 19th century many Neal families resettled in Canada, Untied States and Australia.

In Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Michigan are where many Neal families lived in the United States.

Famous: Patricia Neal (actress), Stephen Neal (professional football player), James Neal (ice hockey player for Canada), Max Neal (German playwright), Blaine Neal (professional baseball player), Daniel Neal (English historian) and Dylan Neal (actor).

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