Nicholson Family Name


Originally a Greek name of ‘Nikolaos’ it meant victory people. It is well known as an English and Scottish surname coming from the spelling of ‘Nicholas.’ Also means the son of Nichol. Variations in spelling Nicholson include Nickelson, Nicklinson, Nickerson and Nickinson. In England the Nicholson families are centered in the northern region, mostly in Durham, Yorkshire, Northumberland, Cumberland and Lancashire. In Scotland the Nicholson family name is mostly in Fife, Midlothian, Lanarkshire and Dumfries-shire. Within the United States the Nicholson surname is found the east to the west coast. Most are in Massachusetts, California, Texas, Illinois, Washington, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York and Michigan. Famous: Barry Nicholson (footballer from Scotland), Bill Nicholson (professional baseball player), Jack Nicholson (movie actor), James W. Nicholson (Civil War Union Naval officer), Norman Nicholson (poet from England), Winifred Nicholson (English artist), Shane Nicholson (footballer of England) and Julianne Nicholson (actress).

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