Noel Family Name


A French and English surname, Noel comes from the Latin term ‘natalis’ for birth or birthday and from the Old French term ‘nouel’ for Christmas. The spelling variations for Noel include Nole and Noell. In England the Noel family name is most populated in the Channel Islands, the city of London and along the southern coastal counties. There are also Noel families in the northern region and up to Northumberland. In Scotland the main location with those having the Noel surname is Aberdeenshire along the eastern coast. Within the United States the original Noel families settled in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Missouri. Famous: David Noel (professional basketball player), Claude Noel (ice hockey player and coach from Canada), Gerald Noel (co-founder of the Witchcraft Research Association), Evan Baillie Noel (English rackets champion in the 1908 Summer Olympics), Paul Noel (professional basketball player), Roden Berkeley Noel (English poet), Christian Noel (champion fencer from France), Desmond Noel (professional footballer for Grenada) and Todd Noel (professional baseball player).

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