Nunez Family Name


A Spanish surname of Nunez originated from the given name of ‘nuno’ and son of Nuno. The original Latin term was ‘nunnus’.

The spelling variation for Nunez is Nuno, Nunoz, Nemo, Nunoo and Neno.

In Spain the family name of Nunez began in the Castile region.

In Spain, it is a popular surname. In Portugal the surname is written Nunes. In the Western Hampshire in the Nunez surname is primarily in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Ecuador and the United States.

The city of London has the most families named Nunez.

Nunez families primarily live in California, Arizona, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, and New York in the United States.

Famous: Clemente Nunez (professional baseball player), Sergio Nunez (novelist from Ecuador), Oscar Nunez (actor), Elizabeth Nunez (writer), Samuel Nunez (a medical doctor from Portugal who help settle Georgia in the 1730s).

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