Orman Family Name


A German and Irish surname, Orman comes from the Old French term ‘bouteillier’ and the Latin ‘buticula’ which refers to a bottle. The name related also to a wine steward or a head servant in a household. Variations in spelling Orman can be quite different and include Buttler, Ormond, McRichard and Butler. In Ireland the County of Kilkenny had many early Oman families. England the Orman families are mostly in the southern regions; in Hampshire, Dorset and city of London. Scotland has Orman families in Midlothian, Lanarkshire and Stirlingshire counties. Within the United States most Orman families live in New York, Indiana, Iowa, Texas, Ohio., Michigan, California and Illinois. Famous: James Bradley Orman (19th century railroad builder), Ward Van Orman (champion balloonist and inventor, who developed the inflatable life raft and a self-sealing fuel tank), Suze Orman (financial advisor on television shows).

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