Patton Family Name


A Scottish and English surname the Patton family name comes from the name Pate. The Middle English term of ‘pate’ means head and used to refer to a bald head. A German form of ‘pate’ refers to a male relative or a godfather.

Spelling variations for Patton include Patin, Pattin, Paeth and Paton.

In England the earliest Patton families lived near the manor of Patton in Shropshire. From there large numbers resettled in Scotland. Many Patton families still live in Northumberland, Durham, Yorkshire and Lancashire counties.

In Scotland the Patton name is mostly in the central and southern regions especially in Perthshire, Lanarkshire, Angus and Midlothian.
Within the United States the Patton family name is chiefly in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri, Texas and California.

Famous: George S. Patton (U. S. Major General during World War II), Chris Patton (actor), Wallar T. Patton (Civil War Lieutenant Colonel in the Confederate Army), James Patton (co-founder of Asheville, North Carolina), Paula Patton (actress) and Mike Patton (musician).

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