Perry Family Name


A French, Welsh and English surname, Perry comes from the Old English word of ‘pirige’ or ‘pyrige,’ both that refer to a pear tree or someone near a pear-tree. The Old French term of ‘perrier’ or ‘perrieur,’ means a quarry, so referring to someone working or near a quarry.
With the Welsh name ‘ap Herry’ the Perry surname is a variation.

Other spellings for Perry include Pirrie, Peery and Pery.

In England along the southwest coastal counties, the Perry surname is common. Also in the English county of Staffordshire are many Perry families. The Perry population in Scotland is in the southern counties, mostly in Lanarkshire. The surname is found in higher numbers in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Within the United States Perry families are in Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, California, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania.

Famous: Enoch Wood Perry (artist), Fred Perry (English professional tennis player and champion), Luke Perry (actor), Roland Hinton Perry (artist), Alf Perry (British golfer), Phil Perry (musician), William Perry (19th century English boxer) and Scott Perry (professional football player).

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