Pham Family Name


A Vietnamese surname the Pham family name originally came from the Chinese language. In China the name would be Fan and in Korea it is Beom. It’s original meaning may have been bee-keeper.

In Vietnam the Pham name is the fifth most common surname.
In England the Pham surname is chiefly in Nottingham, the city of London, Yorkshire and Suffolk counties. In Scotland Pham families chiefly live in Angus and Lanarkshire counties.
In France many individual have the Pham surname because France had held Vietnam as a colony for years.

The states of North Carolina, Wisconsin, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Louisiana, Texas and Tennessee in the United States have the higher percentage of Pham families.

Famous: Pham Tuan (Vietnamese cosmonaut), Hung Kim Pham (member of the legislature in Alberta, Canada), Pham Quang Cang (author), Pham Duy (songwriter), Elyzabeth Pham (model), Pham Ngoc Thao (colonel in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam) and Quang X. Pham (author).

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