Pierce Family Name


An Irish, English and Welsh surname, the Pierce family name comes from the name of ‘piers’. This is a form of the given name of Peter and Pierre

In Ireland the Pierce name would be Mac Piarasi.

Variations in the spellings for Pierce include Pears, Peers, Pearce, Peerce, Pierse and Peirse.

The Pierce families originally were from the Somerset region of England. Populations of the Pierce families are in Lancashire and London plus those surrounding counties. In Wales, Pierce is a common surname in the northern region, especially in Denbighshire County. Scotland has Pierce families in Midlothian and West Lothian counties as well as Aberdeenshire.

The Pierce families of the United States primarily lived in Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, California, Washington, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Missouri and Iowa.

Famous: David Hyde Pierce (actor), Billy Pierce (professional baseball player), Franklin Pierce (U. S. President), Mary Pierce (professional tennis player from France), Ricky Pierce (professional basketball player), Webb Pierce (singer), William S. Pierce (developer of the heart-lung machine) and Marvin Pierce (publisher of McCall’s and Redbook magazines).

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