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The English surname of Pitts is a Middle English term ‘pitte’ or ‘pytte’ which refers to a pit or hollow area. In German it is Pitz. Variations in spelling Pitts include Pitt and Pit. The English concentration of Pitts families are in the city of London and in Yorkshire county. In Scotland, the Pitts surname is mostly in Roxburghshire, Angus and Lanarkshire counties. Within the United States the Pitts families are mostly in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, South Carolina and California. Famous: David Pitts (author), Tony Pitts (English actor), John Michael Pitts (musician composer), Mike Pitts (professional football player), George Pitts (cricket player for Canada), Frank Pitts (professional football player), Byron Pitts (reporter for television news) and Jacob Pitts (actor).

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