Poole Family Name


This English surname of Poole comes originally from the name ‘pool’. A German version is Puhl. The variations in the spelling of Poole include Pool, Pole, Paule, Polle, Poll and Paul. The northern region of England is heavy in the family name of Poole. Also the counties along the border with Wales have many Poole families. Those living in Scotland are mostly in Lanarkshire county. In the United States Poole is found primarily in California, Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois, South Carolina, Maryland, North Carolina and New York. Famous: Charlie Poole (professional banjo player), David Poole (ballet dancer from South Africa), John Poole (English playwright), Jonas Poole (17th century explorer for England), Susan Olivia Poole (inventor of the baby ‘Jolly Jumper’), William H. Poole (Canadian writer), Tyrone Poole (professional football player) and Stafford Poole (historian).

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