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A Welsh and English surname of Powell comes from the original term ‘ap Howell’ and ‘ap Hywel‘, which means son of Howell. As a Welsh name, Howell is from ’Hywel’ which means eminent, well-known or famous.

Additional spellings for Powell include Powels, Powel, Pauwel, Powells, Pauwels and Pouel.

The Powell surname is located in England in the counties of Herefordshire, Shropshire, and Worcestershire. In Wales, Powell families are in Monmouthshire, Glamorgan and Denbighshire counties. There are Powell families in Australia and Canada.

Within the United States Powell families are in most of the eastern half of the country. Most located in Georgia, North Carolina, New York, Missouri, Texas, and Kentucky.

Famous: Brian Powell (baseball player), Dick Powell (singer and actor), John Wesley Powell (19th century explorer of the American West), William Powell (actor), Colin Powell (military, chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff), Ivor Powell (footballer from Wales), Robert Powell (music composer) and Lewis Thornton Powell (19th century Florida boy who was a conspirator in the President Lincoln assassination).

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