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A Welsh, Irish and German surname, Pugh comes from the Welsh term ‘hugh’ which is the son of Hugh. A spelling variation for Pugh is Pew. In England most Pugh families live in Yorkshire, Lancashire and the city of London. Most Pugh families reside in Wales, all across the area. In Scotland the Pugh families primarily live in Lanarkshire, Midlothian, Perthshire, Angus and Renfewshire counties. Within the United States the Pugh families originated in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, New York, Georgia and Kentucky. Famous: Isaac C. Pugh (Civil War Union Army General), Gareth Pugh (fashion designer), Madeline Pugh (comedy writer for television shows), Jim Pugh (professional tennis player), Willard E. Pugh (actor), Sheenagh Pugh (English poet and novelist), Max Pugh (English film maker), Robert Pugh (Walsh movie and television actor) and Clifton Pugh (portrait and landscape artist from Australia).

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