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The English and Irish surname of Reynolds is a form of another surname, that of Reynold.
That name came from '' means and the term '' meaning to . This was brought to England by Scandinavian settlers who used the Old Norse form of .Then the French Normans added the forms of and Reynaud.

Some of the spellings for Reynolds include Reginald, Reynalds, Renals, Regenald, Rennels, Regenwald and Reinold.

Many Irish Reynolds families emigrated from Ireland to America in the 19th century.

In the United States the Reynolds surname is generally located in Illinois, New York and Pennsylvania.
In England the Reynolds surname is in the London area, including the counties of Lancashire, Essex, Kent, Yorkshire, Warwickshire, Hampshire and Cornwall.

Most regions within Scotland have families with the Reynolds surname. Most are concentrated in the central and southern areas, around Lanarkshire and East Lothian.

Famous: Osborne Reynolds (19th century physicist and engineer), Debbie Reynolds (singer, actress), Harold C. Reynolds (professional baseball player), Burt Reynolds (actor), Allie Reynolds (professional baseball player), Frank Reynolds (TV journalist), Jeremiah N. Reynolds (19th century writer and South Pole explorer), R. J. Reynolds (founder of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.) and Walter Reynolds (14th century archbishop of Canterbury).

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