Rios Family Name


The Spanish, Portuguese and Galician surnames for Rios originated from the term ‘rios‘ which literally means "rivers."

Most people with the Rios surname come from Spain, Mexico and Italy.

Two counties of England with the most Rio surnames are Hampshire and Lancashire.

It is mostly Texas in the United States with Rios populations.

In the 1880s most Rios families were laborers.

Famous: Miguel Rios (singer), Alex Rios (Puerto Rican-American professional baseball player with Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago White Sox teams), Gabriel Rios (Belgian singer), Marcelo Rios (Chilean tennis player), Pedro Fernando Rios Soares Ramos (Portuguese footballer known solely as ‘Rios’), Jaime Rios (New York Supreme Court for Queens County), Juan Antonio Rios (President of Chile in the 1940s) and Alberto Álvaro Rios (American writer of poetry and short stories).

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