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A Scottish and English surname the Ross family name originally from Gaelic which has a couple different spellings and meanings. A Welsh spelling of ’rhos’ means moor or bog or some who lives near a moor. There is ‘rous’ from the Middle English which means red-headed or haired. Then there is ‘rose’ and ‘rosh’ which refers to a valley between hills.

Additional spellings for Ross are Rose and Rosse.

In Scotland the Ross surname is very common. Ross families in Scotland are all across the region, especially in the northern sections and the Scottish Islands, named Ross-Cromarty. In England the counties of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Durham along with London have the higher numbers of Ross families.

Within the United States the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Texas and California have the most individuals with the Ross surname.

Famous: Betsy Ross (18th century U. S. flag maker), Gaylen Ross (actress and film director), Horatio Ross (18th century photographer), Katharine Ross (actress), William P. Ross (19th century Chief of the Cherokee Nation), Janet Ross (English writer) and Frank E. Ross (United States astronomer).

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