Sandoval Family Name


The Spanish name for a place called is the basis for Sandoval and included are locations in Murcia and Málaga. Originally the locations were called Sannoval. name comes from Latin term saltus which means ‘grove’ and ‘wood.’ Added is the Latin term novalis means ‘newly cleared land’.

Most Sandoval families came from Spain.

In England the only Sandoval families are in Devon county in the lower southwest region.
The states with Sandoval families are along the southwest United States border. The highest numbers live in New Mexico.

In the 1880s most Sandoval families were laborers.

Famous: Carmen B. Sandoval (aristocrat, film executive producer, bestselling author), Gonzalo de Sandoval (16thcentury Spanish conquistador in New Spain - Mexico with Cortes), Juan Sandoval (professional baseball player with Milwaukee Brewers), Richie Sandoval (professional American flyweight boxer), Santiago C. Sandoval (Mexican sculptor), Roberto P. Sandoval (Chilean singer-songwriter, guitarist and folklorist) and Diego de Sandoval (16thcentury Spanish explorer and conquistador with Pedro de Alvarado to conquer the area of Guatemala).

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