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The Scottish and English origins of the Savage surname comes from the Old French terms ‘sauvage’ and ‘salvage’ which meant something untamed, uncontrollable or wild. The surname was originally written ‘Le Sauvage’. Variations in spelling Savage include Savadge, Sauvage and Savidge. In England the Savage families originated in Cheshire then spread to Lancashire, Yorkshire and to a few scattered counties in the central and eastern coast. The city of London also have many people with the Savage surname. In Scotland the counties of Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire and Ayrshire have the higher percentage of Savage families. Within the United States the Savage surname is primarily in Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Illinois, Virginia, California, Washington, Michigan and North Carolina. Famous: Matthew Savage (musician and actor from England), Eugene F. Savage (sculptor of the NY Bailey Fountain), Ben Savage ( movie and television actor), Ann Savage (movie and television actress), Bas Savage (professional footballer of England), Dutch Savage (professional wrestler), Fred Savage (actor and director), Swede Savage (race car driver), Jim Savage (19th century pioneer in California), Richard Savage (18th century English poet) and Matt Savage (champion poker player).

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