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A Scottish surname originally from a Celtic tribe called the ‘Scoti.‘ They came from Ireland. The term refers to a noble person of the tribe. The Scoti tribe conquered the area around Argyle, Scotland, and the name became part of the region. In Latin the word ‘Scotus’ means a person from Scotland. Another form is ‘Scuta‘ which refers to a restless wanderer.

Various spellings for Scott include Scotus, Skeate and Scotto.

In the United States from Missouri to New York are many Scott families. Also Scott individuals are in Virginia, Texas, Georgia, California and Washington.

In the United Kingdom, Scott families are all along the northern border with Scotland, places like Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland counties. In Scotland, the Scott name is in the central region and in Midlothian county. Many Scott families are also in the eastern provinces of Canada.

Famous: Alfred A. Scott (of The Scott Motorcycle Company), George C. Scott (actor), Lefty Scott (professional baseball player), Andy Scott (Scottish sculptor), Cyril M. Scott (English composer and poet), Mickey Scott (professional baseball player), Sir Walter Scott (19thcentury English building contractor and publisher) and Willard Scott (TV personality).

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