Sexton Family Name


An Irish and English surname, Sexton comes from the Latin term ‘sacristanus’, Old French term ‘secrestein’ and the Middle English term ‘sexteyn’ which all refer to a caretaker, guard or defender. The term sexton has come to mean a caretaker for a church. The spelling variations for Sexton include Sexon, Sextone, Sexten and Secretan. In England primarily around the eastern coastal counties is where most with the Sexton family name live. Those locations are Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Middlesex and the city of London. Up to Lancashire are also many with the Sexton name. In Scotland the two major regions for the greater numbers of Sexton families are Lanarkshire and Angus. Within the United States the Sexton families originated in New York, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, South Carolina, California, Texas, Kansas and Ohio. Famous: Chad Sexton (musician), Jimmy Sexton (professional baseball player), Colleen Sexton (singer and songwriter), Mike Sexton (professional poker player), Tommy Sexton (comic from Canada), Anne Sexton (poet), Brendan Sexton (movie actor), Dave Sexton (footballer from England) and Charlie Sexton (singer, songwriter and musician).

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