Shelton Family Name


The English surname of Shelton began with the Old English terms of ‘scylf’ and ‘tun’ which referred to an enclosure, shelf or plateau on the landscape.

A spelling variation for Shelton is Sheltone.

First in Yorkshire region, the Shelton surname is found is large numbers in Norfolk, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Bedfordshire and Staffordshire also. Many even have villages with the Shelton name.

Scotland has the central region with many Shelton families especially in Lanarkshire county.

Within the United States the Shelton families are mostly living in Texas, Missouri, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, California and Indiana.

Famous: Ian Shelton (astronomer in Canada), Blake Shelton (singer), Luton Shelton (footballer from Jamaica), Ron Shelton (film director), Peter L. Shelton (architect), Thomas Shelton (17th century inventor of shorthand), Mary Shelton (16th century mistress to King Henry VIII) and Deborah Shelton (actress).

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