Sherman Family Name


An English and German surname, the Sherman family name comes from the Middle English terms ’shereman’ and ‘scearra’ which means to shear and ‘mann’ which means man. So the Sherman name refers to a shearer of woolen products.

Spelling variations for Sherman include Sharman, Shearman, Shirman, Shurman and Shaerman. German spellings would be Scherman and Schuermann. Many Germans with that spelling later changed the name to Sherman after immigrating to the United States,

In England Sherman families live across most of the country with most in London, Norfolk and Lancashire county. In Scotland Sherman families live mostly in the southern region, especially in Kirkcudbrightshire.

The states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and California have many Sherman families within the United States.

Famous: Bobby Sherman (singer and actor), William Tecumseh Sherman (Civil War Union general), David Sherman (novelist), George Sherman (film director), John Sherman (19th century English cricketer), Roger Sherman (18th century signer of the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and the U. S. Constitution), Mike Sherman (professional football coach), Richard and Robert Sherman (musical composers and songwriters - brothers) and Vincent Sherman (movie actor and director).

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