Simmons Family Name


An English surname the Simmons family name comes from the name of ‘Simon.’ It may have also come from the Old Norse term of ‘Simund’ which means victory and protection.

Spelling variations for Simmons include Simons, Simmins, Simmonds, Symons, Symon, Simmon, Simond and Simon.

The states of Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois and New York have the great number of Simmons families in the United States.

Those with the Simmons surname in England are mainly in the southeast corner, around London, Kent, Essex, Sussex and Surrey counties. The Simmons in Scotland are in the central portion of the region and mostly in Lanarkshire, Angus and Midlothian counties.

Famous: Cedric Simmons (professional basketball player), Don Simmons (professional ice hockey player for Canada), Richard Simmons (fitness trainer - entertainer), Ted Simmons (professional baseball player), William Mark Simmons (writer), Michael T. Simmons (19th century pioneer of the U. S. Washington territory) and Allan Simmons (English scrabble player champion).

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