Stanley Family Name


The English surname is a family name and a masculine given name dating from the 11th and 12th century. It can also be a shorter version of the phrase 'Stoney Meadow'. The Old English term of stanmeans ‘stone’ and the term leahmeans ‘wood’ or ‘clearing’.

Origins of Stanley families are from England and Ireland.

English counties of Staffordshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire and the London region have the highest Stanley surname populations. In Scotland the counties of Fife and Lanarkshire have many Stanley individuals.

States with higher population of the Stanley surname are Ohio, Virginia, , New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Michigan, Georgia, Kentucky, California, Tennessee and Illinois.

During the 1880s, most Stanley family members were farmers.

Famous: Wendell Meredith Stanley (biochemist, virologist, and Nobel prize laureate in the 1940s), John Stanley (Chief Secretary for Ireland 1713–1714), James Stanley (U. S. producer, writer and actor), Bishop Edward Stanley (19thcentury English bishop of Norwich), Aileen Stanley (singer), Bob W. Stanley (professional baseball player for Boston Red Sox team), Freelan O. Stanley and Francis Edgar Stanley (brothers and co-inventors of the Stanley Steamer auto and Freelan was founder of the Stanley Hotel in Colorado), John Stanley (18thcentury English composer and organist), Jim Mix Stanley (19thcentury artist), Michael Stanley (rock singer) and Richard Stanley (South African-born film director).

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