Stanton Family Name


An English surname, Stanton comes from the Old English terms of ’stan’ and ’tun’ which referred to a stony ground, land or enclosure. A spelling variation for Stanton is Staunton. In England the earliest Stanton families resided in Nottinghamshire. Over the centuries the surname has spread to all of the country including most of Wales. The sections with highest populations having the Stanton name include Yorkshire, Lancashire, Staffordshire, Northamptonshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the city of London. In Scotland the primarily residences for those with the Stanton name have been in Angus, Midlothian and Lanarkshire counties. Within the United States the first Stanton individuals settled in Virginia, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Connecticut, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Georgia and Kentucky. Famous: Edwin M. Stanton (Under President Lincoln serving as Secretary of War during the Civil War), Thomas Stanton (medical doctor of tropical medicine, he found the case for the disease Beri-beri and which mosquito spread malaria), Harry Dean Stanton (actor), Frank Lebby Stanton (poet, columnist and lyricist), Elizabeth Cady Stanton (19th century spokeswoman for women’s rights), Frank “Biscuits” Stanton (rugby player and coach from Australia), Molly Stanton (actress), Phil Stanton (co-founder of the entertainers; Blue Man Group), Thomas Stanton (co-founder of Stonington, Connecticut) and Mike Stanton (professional baseball player).

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