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A Scottish and English surname, Stuart comes from Old English term ‘stigweard’ and the Middle English term ’stiward’ which referred to a household steward or servant. The spelling variations for Stuart include Stewart, Stuard, Sturt and Steuart. In northern England is the greater concentration of Stuart families; most living in Yorkshire, Northumberland, Durham and Lancashire counties. The surname does cover most of the country and into eastern regions of Wales. All of Scotland has the Stuart surname as a common identity. Those areas with the most Stuart individuals include Banffshire, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Lanarkshire and Midlothian. Within the United States the Stuart family name originated in several locations. The greater numbers were found in Maine, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Massachusetts. Famous: Francis Stuart (writer from Ireland), Gloria Stuart (film actress), Jeb Stuart (movie film director, producer and screenwriter), John McDouall Stuart (19th century explorer of interior Australia and establishing a route from Darwin to Port Augusta, now named Stuart Highway), David C. Stuart (movie film producer), James “J.E.B.” Stuart (Civil War Confederate Army General), Mary Stuart (16th century Queen of Scots and mother of King James I of England), Mike Stuart (professional ice hockey player), Jamie Stuart (footballer from England) and Gilbert Charles Stuart (foremost portrait artist, with over 1,000 portraits - including the unfinished portrait of George Washington).

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