Sturgeon Family Name


An English surname, Sturgeon comes from the Old French term ‘esturgeon’ and the Middle English ‘sturgeon’ refers to a seller of fish or a fisherman. Variations in spelling for Sturgeon include Strugen, Sturgen, Sturgion, Strugeone and Stergeon. Along the east coast of England, especially Suffolk, Essex, Yorkshire and the city of London is where most with the Sturgeon name live. On the southern portion of Scotland, especially Lanarkshire and Dumfriesshire, are the primarily residences for Sturgeon families. Across the mid-west region of the United States is the greater concentration of families with the Sturgeon name. The higher populations are in Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky and then in California. Famous: Theodore Sturgeon (a science fiction writer), James K. Sturgeon (awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor during the Civil War), Isaac Sturgeon (pioneer in early 19th century in northern Missouri with the town of sturgeon, Missouri named for him), Bobby Sturgeon (professional baseball player), Daniel Sturgeon (medical doctor, banker and politician in Pennsylvania) and William Sturgeon (inventor in the 19th century England of electromagnets and a practical electric motor).

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