Talley Family Name


An Irish surname, Talley comes from the Gaelic term ‘taithleach’ which means peaceable and calm. The spelling variations for Talley include Tully, Tilly and Tally. In Ireland the early Talley families lived in County Longford. In England there is a light scattered of the Talley surname. Most are living in the city of London, Devon, Essex, Surry, Lancashire and Staffordshire. Chiefly in Lanarkshire County in Scotland is the major center of those with the Talley surname. Within the United States the original Talley families settled in Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Delaware, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas and Illinois. Famous: Jill Talley (comic and actress), Jake Talley (actor), Andre Leon Talley (journalist on fashions), Gary W. Talley (professional baseball player), Kevin Talley (musician - drums), Matt Talley (champion college baseball player) and Stan Talley (professional football player).

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