Thomas Family Name


A Welsh and English surname which was originally from Hebrew and means twin.

Additional spellings for Thomas include Tomason, Tomas and Thomason.

It is a very common surname in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. In England the Thomas surname is common in Cornwall. There are many with the surname of Thomas in the United States, especially in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, Alabama and Georgia. . In other world areas, Thomas is found in Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, and in India.

Famous: Marlo Thomas (actress and writer), Clarence Thomas ( U. S. Supreme Court Justice), Isiah Thomas (professional basketball player and coach), Dylan Thomas (poet of Wales), George H. Thomas (painter and illustrator), Marjorie Thomas (opera and oratorio singer), Richard Thomas (actor), Tommy Thomas (professional baseball player) and William I. Thomas (20thcentury U. S. sociologist ).

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