Torres Family Name


A Spanish surname of Torres comes from the Latin the word was ‘turris.’ The name means one who lived in or owned a castle or small fortress.

In numerous Spanish based regions the Torres surname ranks in the top ten.

Other spellings for the surname of Torres include Torez, , Torrez, De la Tour, Touret, Tores, Torricina, Latour, Torres, de la Torre.

Mostly Texas and California in the United States has any high numbers of individuals with the surname of Torres. In England the county of Warwickshire has many with the Torres name. In several locations within Wales there are Torres families. The Torres surname is found in Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Bolivia, Puerto Rico and Columbia in high numbers.

Famous: Juan Torres (president of Bolivia), Dara Torres ( swimmer), Jose Torres (professional boxer of Puerto Rico), Gina Torres (actress), Torres (French novelist), Luis de Torres (15thcentury interpreter for Chistropher Columbus), Angelo Torres (cartoonist), Samantha Torres (professional model in Spain).

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