Turner Family Name


An English surname, the Turner surname comes from the word ‘toner’ which means the of small objects of wood, metal, or bone by turning on a lather. There is also the word ‘turnen’ which means faster runner and then ‘tornei’ which relates to an officer or official in charge of a tournament.

Other forms for the spelling of Turner include , Terner, Tournier, Tarner, Thurner, Tourner, Turney, Doerner, Durner and Tournor.

Turner families are located mostly in the Lanarkshire county of Scotland. In England Turner is in Yorkshire and Lancashire counties. The states of east of the Mississippi have high populations of the Turner surname. The exception would be New England states of main and new Hampshire.

Famous: . M. W. Turner (19thcentury English artist), John Turner (1620 Pilgrim on the Mayflower ship), Tina Turner (singer), Ted Turner (entertainment and media owner and executive), Robert Turner (professional football player), Kathleen Turner (actress), Charles Henry Turner (19thcentury artist) and Henry Turner (professional basketball player).

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