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A German surname, Ulmer comes from the term ‘ulm’ which is in the lower southwest portion of Germany. Originally the term ‘uel’ meant to flow, roll or turn. Variations in spelling Ulmer include Ulmers, Ullmer and Ulm. In Germany the Ulmer name is found in the Baden-Wurttemberg region, along the River Danube. In England the Cambridgeshire and city of London have the greater Ulmer populations. Within the United States the northeast states of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey along with South Carolina, Mississippi to the south have many with the Ulmer name. Also in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois are many families named Ulmer. Famous: Fran Ulmer (first elected Lieutenant Governor for the state of Alaska), Layne Ulmer (professional ice hockey player in Canada), Christian Ulmer (professional ski jumper from Germany), Jason Ulmer (professional ice hockey player in Canada), Sarah Ulmer (champion cyclist and 2004 summer Olympics gold medal winner from New Zealand) and James ‘Blood’ Ulmer (guitarist and singer of jazz).

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