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A German and Slavic surname, Unger comes from the German terms ’magyar’ and ’ungarn’ which means a person from the Hungarian region. Spelling variations for Unger include Ungert, Ungarer, Ungar, Ungerer and Ungers. In England the counties of Lancashire, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Middlesex, Surry, Norfolk and Northamptonshire along with the city of London have large numbers of Unger families. The Scottish county of Lanarkshire has the higher concentration of Unger families. Within the United States the Unger name is most populated in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, California and Rhode Island. Famous: Heintz Unger (a music conductor in Canada who was raised in Germany), Michael R. Unger (an award winning newspaper editor), Caroline Unger (a 19th century singer from Austria) and Craig Unger (a writer and journalist).

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